God can speak in the Quietest Whisper—1 Kings 19:11-13

Quiet worship allows the Faithful to disconnect, calm, focus, listen-for-that-still-small-voice-of-God, and experience our Creator.

Quiet Church

Quiet Churches

Quiet churches, of any denomination, simply provide a QuietChurch-type service. Once a week, once a month, evenings, etc. You choose. Find a service...

Turning Up Quiet

Basic resources available to implement your own QuietChurch service. It simply takes prayer and a little organization to get started. Get started...

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Stories from our readers about implementing QuietChurch programs and the success of such outreach programs. Read news...

Why quiet worship?

Over 50% of individuals identify as introverts or tend towards introversion. Increasingly, persons with autism and other challenges eschew loud environments. Many others simply seek sanctuary from our hyper-connected, always-on, entertainment-driven world. Therefore, perhaps a church might offer something different to meet this need? Something quieter? Something simpler? Perhaps a QuietChurch service will reach your community too!

'Something different' is what QuietChurch is all about. QuietChurch services augment, they do not replace, current worship services. QuietChurch focuses on collectively stilling ourselves for a quiet, dedicated time to experience God. QuietChurch focuses on sometimes marginalized people in the church family by allowing people to be themselves and respects their ability to interact in their own way, in their own comfort-level, and in their own patient time.