Tips–Programs & Handouts

The QuietChurch worshiper will likely carefully read handouts (and prefer them over conversation). View a simple sample.

  • Include a basic order of worship
  • Include basic orientation information about the church
    • rest rooms to the left,
    • coffee in the foyer (help yourself),
    • location of Bibles,
    • location of clocks, etc.
  • Outline expectations
    • length of service
    • please turn-off cell phones
    • please keep conversation to a minimum
    • spread-out in the sanctuary
    • sit where you like
    • describe any planned interruptions (brief minister welcome, announce closing of service, communion format, etc.)
    • avoid rattling hard candy
    • drinks and food policy
  • Provide information about emergencies/urgent issues
  • Include contact information for the church with names