Tips–Order of Worship Ideas

A QuietChurch service recognizes the diversity of denominations and the needs of each specific church. The service focuses on providing a safe, quiet, and welcoming space for attendees moreso than a specific liturgy.

Sample Order of Worship 1—Unstructured

  1. Quiet welcome
  2. Sanctuary open for silent reading, prayer, or thinking.
    • Provide a program with a theme, suggested Bible readings, silent prayer, and a Message-prompt
  3. Closing thank you

See Order of Worship Sample.

Sample Order of Worship 2—Semi-structured

  1. Opening Silent Prayer (printed in program)
  2. Lighting of candles
  3. Focus Bible Passage—Old Testament
    Silent Bible reading and reflection
  4. Focus Bible Passage—New Testament
    Silent Bible reading and reflection
  5. Message Prompt (printed in bulletin)
    Silently read Message-prompt and reflect on words
  6. Quiet prayer for concerns and celebrations (have a easel or board available for prayer requests)
  7. Common prayer (Lord's Prayer, etc.)
  8. Closing soft-music

Some churches might find a soft bell or chime helpful for transitions.