Related Worship Styles

The related worship styles may appeal to QuietChurch members (and expand ideas in your community). Typically, these worship experiences focus on getting beyond the church building or engaging the community as an act of worship.—Focused on gathering a Christ-centered community around elements of soil and food, breaking bread together, and leveraging all the resources of a farm to address food insecurity in our community.

The Center for Spirituality in Nature—Focuses on the worship of God in natural settings.

NewChurchLife—NewChurchLife blog mentions a program started at Newbold College in England focusing on quiet worship—patterned after a Night Church program in Copenhagen.

Lectio Divina—"Divine reading" program for Bible quiet study and reflection. A guide to reflecting, praying, and acting as God directs you in every chapter of scripture.

Contemplative Outreach—Resource focusing on contemplative lifestyles and practices.. Online courses available.