Why Quiet Worship?

QuietChurch ministers to the approximately one-half of the US population that identify as introverts or who otherwise struggle in an extrovert-focused, traditional, church environment. For some, the loud, boisterous, and overwhelmingly-social aspects of worship services might turn-off some people to church—but as I found, not to God.

Speaking with those who seek God in a quiet setting—a garden, a favorite hiking place, beside a water fountain, sitting by a lake, walking a labyrinth, or in the car on the way to work—the need for "something else" in worship became apparent.

What Is Quiet Worship?

QuietChurch is not "something less" in worship or a rejection of other worshipers; but rather emphasizes the rich experience of coming to God in quiet reverence. A sanctuary calmed. Worshipers praying quietly, reading the Bible silently, or simply waiting. Focusing on a message-prompt. Watching the shadows. Watching a candle flicker. Experiencing the awesome Presence-of-God in one of His homes—be that a sanctuary or in one of his works of Creation.

Challenge your church to try a QuietChurch service. Once a month? Once a week?  Evening?  Early morning? Outdoors? Creative churches can offer some exceptional ideas.

Who Is QuietChurch?

QuietChurch is a, perhaps Quixotic, personal project that I felt drawn to. QuietChurch is non-denominational, non-sectarian, and inter-faith. QuietChurch remains open to anyone seeking a spiritual, worship experience in collective Quiet and Silence. (No dogma. No religious tests. No pressure. No "positions" on "issues." Just simple people seeking a quiet, collective place to worship.)

How to Get Started?

Excited to get started? See the QuietChurch RESOURCES Section or contact me at QuietChurch. Already started, I would love to hear about your experiences.