December 2020 QuietChurch Quiet Online Worship Set

QuietChurch plans to host two QuietChurch online quiet worship sessions on

The worship sessions are online, free, and open to all. Just join us online via Jitsi (a community driven online platform, no annoying registrations or accounts needed).

The December 7, 2020, session occurs during the traditional Advent Season—a time of spiritual expectant waiting. The December 21, 2020, occurs during Winter Solstice and Advent—waiting and the longest night of the year.

As the fields grow barren, winter sets in (at least in the northern hemisphere), cardinals stand out on the bare tree limbs, warm gloves go on, darkness presses, and the sometimes frantic Christmas rush descends, this time of year, seems particularly appropriate to gather in simple, quiet, reverent worship.

Join us.

What Is This QuietChurch?

QuietChurch provides a collective worship time but in absolute quiet. We gather (online now) and quietly pray, reflect, meditate, read, or just sit in silent worship. Each session provides some OPTIONAL prompts for possible meditation or thought. But, you may follow the path that you are led on during that collective time as well. We just commit to quiet worship during the time.

QuietChurch sessions are open to all. No dogma. No special passwords or handshakes. No specific faith background (or any faith background at all). No sermons. No music. Just come as you are in quiet reverence.

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