Lectio Divina and Quiet Worship

[Lectio Divina's] natural movement is towards greater simplicity, with less and less talking and more listening. Gradually the words of Scripture begin to dissolve and the Word is revealed before the eyes of our heart.

Order of Carmelites

Persons enjoying quiet church might appreciate lectio divina, or "divine reading."  Lectio divina arose in the early monastic orders as a practice of thoughtful and engaged reading of the Bible and as a way to listen for "that still small voice" of God.

Lectio divina involves four flexible steps:

  • read
  • reflect
  • pray
  • contemplate/take action

You thoughtfully read a passage of scripture. Then reflect or mediate on the scripture. Then pray for wisdom. And then silently listen for what to do in response. Some resources provide general prompts or issues to ponder when reading Scripture but such structure is not necessary. The focus remains on taking a short time to encounter Scripture in quiet, silence, and reverent listening.

Lectio divina is but one way that someone might participate in a Quiet Church service. A number of resources exists to get started.

Lectio Divina
Some Getting-Started Resources