Focusing on Quiet in Worship–QuietChurch

In an increasingly noisy, busy, hyper-connected, and fast-paced world, many Believers seek the quiet and calm that churches can offer. To help churches develop QuietChurch services, QuietChurch launched in July 2018 and plans a more formal launch in early Fall 2018.

While traditional services remain important (see Psalm 100), QuietChurch services reach those seeking a church family and a worship home but need or prefer quiet (a common need in our noise polluted world).

QuietChurch does not claim to be "deeper worship" or somehow "better worship." Worship remains worship—with the proper focus on God. But as our world becomes overwhelmed with noise, Believers taking time-out, disconnecting, and quieting themselves might itself be reverence for our Creator.

QuietChurch remains flexible with worship service styles. The services should fit-in with all denominations.

The Website intends to be an open exchange of ideas with freely available, supporting resources.

Interested? Intrigued? Contact me at QuietChurch or refer to the growing list of resources. Is your church offering QuietChurch services? Great. I would love to know about it.